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Where to Donate Baby Clothes?

It's a good idea to donate used baby clothes to people in need. This provides great help to struggling communities, especially parents who can’t afford new clothing. We have rounded up some of the charities that accept donations of used baby clothing.

Where to Donate Baby Clothes?

Babies outgrow their clothes very fast, with most of them going up a clothing size every ten weeks. This not only creates financial pressures on parents who need to continually buy new baby clothes, but it also can result in a huge amount of nearly-new clothes getting landfilled every year. In fact, you can save the clothes that are in great condition and donate them to people in need. 

But where to donate baby clothes? No worries, we’ve compiled a list of charities in the US where you can donate your used baby clothes  

National Charity Organizations 

Here are 5 national charities that you should donate your baby clothes to:


  • Accept a wide range of items as donations.
  • Create jobs, hosting camps, and other activities to help struggling communities in the US
  • Drop-off centers are virtually located in every city around the country.

The Salvation Army

  • Accept a wide range of items as donations
  • Donations will be distributed in over 130 countries around the globe.
  • Their clothing banks are spread around the country, so there's a chance a Salvation Army drop-off center is near you. 


  • Focus on the needs of children across the country
  • Accept donations of diapers, wipes, formula, and hygiene items from the community to address the most critical needs of families impacted by COVID-19.
  • Have a wide network of charity organizations that cover over 40 cities across the US.

American Red Cross

  • Famous and well-respected charity.
  • Provide emergency assistance and disaster relief for millions of people around the world. 
  • Accept both cash and gently used clothing pieces as donations.
  • All collected items are sold to thrift stores and the proceeds are used to fund their emergency response programs. 
  • Offer pick-up donations right from your door. 

Vietnam Veterans of America (VAA)

  • Donated items are auctioned 
  • The proceeds are used to fund the organization’s support programs for war veterans
  • Pick up your donations right off your door within 24 hours.

Local Charities

Apart from national organizations, several local charities accept baby clothes as donations as well. You can use the search/filter tool from https://greatnonprofits.org/near-me/ to find suitable local organizations to donate your little one’s used clothes.

Save the Children

Save the Children has been helping hundreds of thousands of children each year, ensuring their safety and education, and giving them the tools to fight poverty. The recent escalation in violence in Afghanistan has put their lives in danger, forcing thousands of children to leave their homes.

Save the Children and BabyOutlet are committed to newly arriving Afghan refugees in the US by providing life-saving services and baby clothes. Your support also contributes a lot to improve their lives and meet their most urgent needs.

Money-Saving Tips For Baby Clothing

Stocking up on too many baby clothes is one of the biggest money mistakes new moms make. It’s undoubtedly so fun to buy for kids, and many parents get caught up in the adorableness of baby items and end up purchasing too many things. In fact, there are many tips for spending wisely on baby clothes. 

Our advice is “do not fall for big brands”. According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg, people tend to give up on clothes for special occasions, instead, going for jeans and T-shirts more often. This means they are giving up on famous brands and switching to cheap, basic clothing. 

In fact, brands don't really matter anymore because there is a lot of cheap, affordable baby clothing that offers the same quality. At around $20, you will get adorable baby overalls from our fall baby clothes collection, made from organic cotton that could end up being donated to a charity or someone in need when your baby outgrows them. This saves a lot of money on an expensive one that he's only going to be able to wear a handful of times. 

BabyOutlet offers good quality baby clothes that can be handed down again and again with the goal of creating a sustainable environment. Our Baby Fall-Winter Clothes collection is live now and your purchase of any of our items enables us to achieve that goal.