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Summer Baby Clothes - What's Trending in 2021

Dressing your little angels in the latest baby fashion is fun but challenging. Discover the latest summer trends in baby clothing to keep them up to date on the coolest styles

Summer Baby Clothes - What's Trending in 2021

While dressing your baby can be just about practicality, picking out trendy outfits is also a fun and creative way to express you and your baby's personality! So, here is the list of summer baby clothing trends in 2021 for you to update your little one's wardrobe.

2021 Baby Clothing Trends

Neutral and Earth Tone Shades

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Neutral shades like gray, beige, cream, and black are simple and easy to match with pretty much every type of clothing. That's why this trend is dominant in both adult and baby clothing this year. On top of that, natural muted colors like sage, burgundy, dusty rose, and rust are also great for mixing and matching. So, if you just don't know or don't have the time to choose your baby outfit for a specific occasion, then these color options are a safe bet for any outfits and accessories.

Cute Animal/Plant Prints

Fox Printed Sleeveless Baby Dress ($16.11)

If you're not a fan of solid clothes and want to shake things up a little bit by choosing various other prints, then this is the way to go. Animal prints on clothes are among the few baby fashion trends that have been around for years. So, why not dress your little ones in a cute baby girl fox-printed dress this summer and finish up with a pair of white sneakers for the complete summer look. 

Minimal & Textured

Off-Shoulder White Blouse & Coral Pink Skirt Set ($17.5)

Besides graphic and printed clothes, this year's baby clothing trend is also about minimal designs and more classic silhouettes. So, you can opt for basic items like solid rompers without any extra (bow ties, flowers, etc) or a combination of ruffle top & flare pants for extra comfort and style this summer. Despite the simplicity, we guarantee this trend is anything but boring. Plus, baby basics like these are usually made from simple cotton, knit, or polyester blends for your baby's best comfort.

Gender-Neutral Clothing

Nowadays, more and more parents are going for gender-neutral baby clothes for many reasons. Whether it's for keeping their baby's gender as a surprise or reusing clothes for future children, there are tons of gorgeous gender-neutral baby clothes options for you to choose from this summer. Besides, you also don't need to worry about colors because most people don't take gender colors seriously these days anymore. So, feel free to go for both blue and pink if you like it since they are both particularly trendy for infants and young children.

Conscious Fashion

Since the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the globe, more and more parents are shifting towards sustainable ways to dress their kids without causing negative impacts on the environment. Therefore, eco-friendly baby clothing appears as a great option to spice up your little ones this year. Additionally, because these clothes are always made from organic fabrics, they are free of chemicals and very breathable for summer.

Customizable Baby Clothing

Personalized Baby Unisex "Bee Happy'' Bodysuit ($15.95)

Personalized baby clothes are hot these days. In fact, with the ability to add a unique touch that reflects your child’s personality to their clothes, they not only make your kid stand out but also never go out of fashion. Plus, some great options for summer baby clothes such as light color t-shirts are also perfect for customizing.