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How to Personalize Baby Clothes at BabyOutlet

Confused about how to personalize baby clothes while shopping at BabyOutlet? Check out our guide below

How to Personalize Baby Clothes at BabyOutlet

There are many reasons why parents love to buy custom clothing for their kids these days. So, let’s take a closer look at why you should also fall for these adorable and stylish personalized baby clothes.

Benefits of Choosing Custom Baby Clothing

  • Budget. Custom baby clothing is at the same price range and sometimes can be cheaper than off-the-rack clothes. With only 15$ for a personalized baby onesie, you can highlight your child's unique personal style through their everyday outfit.
  • Trendy. Personalized baby clothes give parents the excitement to customize unique and matching outfits for their kids. Also, because the outfit is customized, it will never go out of style.
  • Better Fabrics. At BabyOutlet, our signature fabrics are tested to the highest standard to ensure your kids stay comfy and safe. 
  • For Good Memories. Unlike other off-the-rack clothes that can be tossed away easily whenever they are worn out or damaged, you can always keep your baby's personalized clothes around to remind you of the good old days.

Why Buy Personalized Baby Clothes at BabyOutlet?

  • Sustainable & Green. Organic cotton helps lower your own carbon footprint thanks to its lower fuel and energy consumption.
  • Luxurious Comfort. The main advantage of using natural cotton fabric is that the material is soft-to-the-touch and totally safe on your baby's delicate skin.
  • Superior. The fabric quickly absorbs and dries the sweat so it doesn’t saturate the clothes. This offers a comfortable, non-sticky feel.
  • Strong Fiber. Unlike other custom clothing that can be worn out easily, our personalized baby clothes maintain their shape and print wash after wash

How to Personalize Baby Clothes at BabyOutlet

Step 1: Head over to our collection of personalized baby clothes and then choose the colors and prints you like (only available for some products).

Step 2: Choose your baby size

Step 3: Choose the type of sleeve you want

Step 4: Enter your desired text to customize

Step 5: Finally, add it to your cart and proceed with your payment

Step 6: Don't forget to grab a BabyOutlet promo code to save up to 30% on your purchases