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How to Measure Baby Feet Size At Home

Wondering how to pick the right shoe size for your baby boy? Here is how to measure your baby's feet size

How to Measure Baby Feet Size At Home

Don’t know how to pick the right shoe size for your baby? Here is a simple guide to help you measure your baby’s feet size.

What You Will Need:

  • Pencil
  • A4 paper
  • Ruler
  • Container or box with square edges (a puzzle lid is perfect)

How to Measure Your Baby's Feet Size

Follow these 6 simple steps to measure your baby’s feet size:

  • Step 1: Fold an A4 piece of paper approx 6cm from the edge.
  • Step 2: Place the paper into a container or box with the folded edge firmly in the corner.
  • Step 3: Let your baby position their foot inside the box with their heel firmly against the box wall.
  • Step 4: Trace around your baby’s toes with a pencil.
  • Step 5: Unfold the A4 paper and measure from the fold line to the big toes. This will be your baby’s foot length.
  • Step 6: Use our size chart below to choose the best shoe size for your baby.
Size Foot length (in)
1 3.3 0-3 months
2 3.6 3-6 months
3 4 6-9 months
4 4.3 9-12 months
5 4.6 12-18 months
6 5 18-24 months
7 5.3 2 years
8 5.6 2.5 years
9 6 3 years
10 6.3 3.5 years
11 6.6 4.5 years
12 7 5 years



  • You should be able to squeeze your finger in between the back of the shoe and your baby’s heel.
  • Select the larger size if your baby’s foot size is in-between the sizes.
  • Babies won’t be able to tell us if something is bothering them. So as with any shoes, check for signs of irritation after a days’ wear.
  • Children’s feet grow quickly so you should measure your baby’s foot size once every few months to ensure their shoe size.