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How to make your kids look fashionable with cheap clothing

Wondering how to make your kids fashionable while saving some money? You have come to the right place. Here is our guide on how to do this

How to make your kids look fashionable with cheap clothing

If you have more than one child, then you surely know how steep those receipts get when it comes to getting clothes for the littles ones. However, dressing your children doesn’t mean you must break the bank buying expensive brands and retailers. 

Luckily, there is a way to buy cheap kid’s clothing and still manage to make the young ones look good. Let’s go over some fundamentals tips that will help you save some money on clothes while having the little ones looking like celebrities. 

How to dress your kids fashionably with cheap kids clothing

There are a few pointers you must follow to make what seems impossible happen, dress your children fashionably with cheap kid’s clothing. The first thing you must take notice of is that children must be dressed as a kid, so buying clothes that resemble adults’ outfits is not a good look. Only a few celebrities, like the Kardashians, can get away with aging their children’s outfits, and still face lots of criticism. Let your children be kids, they will appreciate and will look.

As parents, you get to mostly choose what your kids wear, that is why how you combine and put together their clothes will make the difference between a good look and a fail. The following tips will aid you to clearly envision how to create the best outfits.

Tip 1: Right size

The right fit is the most important part of choosing baby shoes or clothes. In fact, sometimes, a younger sibling can inherit an older’s clothing. Or you may buy a size too big, for your kid to use the outfit for the longest time possible. However, children shouldn’t wear clothes too tight or too loose. Making sure they have the size that is appropriate for them is very important. You can achieve this with cheap kid’s clothing.

Here are toddler clothing sizes at BabyChortle

Size Age Height (in) Weight (lb)
2T 2 years 33~35 24~29
3T 3 years 35~38 29~33
4T 4 years 38~41 33~37
5T 5 years 41~45 37~42

When a child inherits an older sibling’s clothes, they should only wear them when it fits them right. If you must buy new clothes, buy them the right size. They grow fast, but you can sell the items second-hand, and earn a bit of money for their new set of clothes. Never let them wear clothes too tight, not only looks terrible, but they will be uncomfortable and irritable.

Tip 2: The perfect shoes

If you have a low budget, there is a big chance you cannot afford many shoes in different colors. But, there is a solution for always having your kids looking their best with any shoes.

  • First, shoes should have roles like for school, to go out, for daily activities, sports, at home, amongst others. One for each activity sounds reasonable, but how to combine the colors? Easy.
  • Buy shoes of good quality in neutral colors. Never go with bright reds, neon greens, or flashy pinks. These colors will be hard to match, instead choose browns, beige, white, and black shoes. At this stage in their life, children will grow fast out of their shoes, so no need to get the most expensive pair, but as their feet size becomes more stable a good quality shoe will go a long way and many years. Cheap kids clothing, yes, cheap shoes, never. 

Tip 3: Color matters

The most important thing when it comes to making cheap kids’ clothing look fashionable is colors. Not only the colors of the clothes but how you combine them and how they match your kid’s skin tone. 

Monochromatic outfits are going to look tacky, so you should avoid them. For example, red shorts with a red t-shirt won’t look too good. Instead, combine colors with other neutral tones. Red shorts, coupled with a cute white tee, or some pints in red color should do the work.

Your child’s skin tone is also very important, some clothes look best against a specific tone.

  • For light skin, the recommended colors are warm khaki hues, teals, peach tones, red, bright greens, and blues. Colors like black and white are not a good match.
  • For tan or olive skin, the best colors matches are warm colors. Rich browns, olive green, dark reds, yellowish-orange, and even purples will look fantastic. Colors you should avoid for your child include pastels and faded colors.
  • For darker skins, colors that are suitable are deep greens, gray, burgundy, brown, navy blue, and other shades of blue. 
  • Finally, for children with very dark skin, the best match should be some pieces of clothes with light colors. Tones like white, light yellow, light pink, and blues will make your child pop and look wonderful.

The Bottom Line

If you use the tips above, any cheap kids' clothing can become a fashionable outfit. Whether you have girls or boys, the same tips and rules apply. If you can make your child also a part of the shopping experience, and let them choose between some of the outfits you have to compile for them, they will be more confident and excited when wearing their clothes.