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How To Dry Your Baby's Clothes Quickly Without A Dryer

Having to quickly dry your baby's clothes is important to make sure that there are enough clothes available to change into should they need. Dryers can be expensive, so here are some tips on the cost-effective way of drying your baby's clothes

How To Dry Your Baby's Clothes Quickly Without A Dryer

Let’s be honest. Kids love to get dirty. In fact, kids tend to make a mess during their first years. So, don’t be surprised if you go home, seeing dirty laundry piled in heaps on the floor, spoiled food on their dresses, and toys strewn everywhere. While all of these messy things indicate that your baby is trying to explore their surroundings, which is good for their developmental skills, this can be a nightmare if you cannot keep up with your laundry.

In fact, washing baby/toddler clothes is slightly different from washing clothes for the rest of your family. It’s a better idea to get well-prepared before tossing the clothes into the washer. We've already covered tips for washing your toddler’s clothes in one of our previous blogs. In this tutorial, we will show you some tips to dry your baby’s clothes quickly without a dryer.

Dry Your Baby’s Clothes In Summer

Wet clothes tend to dry in a very short time if they are exposed to the sun and wind, which summer always has. Therefore, summer is the perfect season to dry your baby’s clothes quickly and naturally without the aid of a dryer.

  • Find a windy spot with sunlight (no direct sunlight) then place the washing line there. Hanging clothes in the breeze help dry your baby’s clothes in a short time. 
  • If you don't have a windy garden, you can invest in a whirligig. Make sure that you hang the garments with enough space between them so that the air can circulate.

How To Dry Your Baby’s Clothes In Winter

In cold weather, there can be two possibilities:

  • On normal winter days, the air will become drier as the temperature goes down. You can place your drying rack outside or near a window and they will be dry in no time.
  • But when it’s humid outdoors, putting your drying rack outside is not ideal. You should move the rack indoors and place it near a heating source (like a radiator). This will help the drying process become faster.

Dry Your Baby’s Clothes In Spring and Autumn

It can be quite troublesome to dry your baby’s clothes in these two seasons. They are known for changeable weather. You can face both lovely sunny days and grumpy rainy days in Spring/Autumn:

  • On sunny days, you can dry your baby’s clothing normally by putting them on a drying rack and placing it outdoors just like in summer. 
  • On rainy days, you may have to move your drying racks inside your house and place it near a heat source to dry all the garments. 

All Season Drying Tips

Here are some extra tips for quickly drying your baby’s clothes without a tumble dryer. These tips can work well in all seasons.

Use the Strongest Spin Option

You can use the highest spin settings on your washing machine to remove as much water as possible on your baby’s clothes, thereby making them dry faster.

Two Towel Tricks

There are two popular towel tricks that can help remove more moisture on your baby’s clothes when they come out of the washing machine. You can try once or both of them:

  • Lay the item on top of a large towel then roll up the towel like a sausage. Twist it tightly, starting at one end and working your way along until the entire “sausage” is twisted. This trick will squeeze excess water out of your baby’s clothing and the towel will absorb them instead.
  • Place the garment on an ironing board then lay a thin towel on top of it. Slightly iron the towel using high heat, then turn the garment over so both sides are pressed. Doing so will warm the item and help it dry faster without exposing it to direct heat or causing damage.

Try The Hairdryer.

You can use the hair dryer to dry your baby’s clothes as an emergency method only (as it may damage the pieces). Take the clothes and lay them down on a flat surface. Blast them with the hairdryer. Keep the dryer moving and dry the items thoroughly on all sides.

DO NOT blow the dryer at the same spot for too long as it can damage your baby’s clothes or cause a fire.