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Baby & Kids Shoe Size Guide: Measurements & Conversion Chart

It's better to know your kids' shoe sizes. With that in mind, we’ll show you baby and kids shoe size charts, and how to measure their feet properly

Baby & Kids Shoe Size Guide: Measurements & Conversion Chart

Covid time makes online purchases much more convenient and safe for everyone in the family. The main concern is whether the size of the shoes is the right fit for your baby, toddler, or child. Let’s see the most effective way to measure your children’s feet at home:

1. General Baby & Kids Size Charts

2. How to Measure Your Kid’s Foot At Home

  1. Place your kid's foot on a sheet of paper and then mark the circumference using the pencil  (make sure you keep the pencil straight during the process)
  2. Now measure the longest distance using a ruler (Centimeters) from the end of the big toe to the back of the heel, and look up the size in our General Shoe Size Charts above.

Tips for measuring

  • Make sure you measure your kid's feet in the afternoon
  • Keep your child standing, instead of sitting, during the process
  • Children’s feet grow at a fast rate so make sure you check for measurements every two months.