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24 Months vs 2T: What's the Difference?

Wonder if 2T is the same as 24 Months? No, it's not

24 Months vs 2T: What's the Difference?

Below are some specifics that will make it easier to distinguish these two sizes while choosing clothes for your little one.

24 Months

  • Height is 33-35 inches or 85-90 cm.
  • Weight is 27-30 pounds or 12-13.6 kg.

24-month clothes are designed to be more generous around the bottom for diapers because under 2-year-old children are still likely to wear them all the time. Moreover, 24M clothes are shorter in length when compared with 2T clothes. The reason is that clothes with shorter sleeves allow children to crawl more comfortably without getting tangled in fabric.

Additionally, the 24-month clothes are generally more baby-like in their style with bright colors, rainbows, and cute animals. Plus, 24M clothes likely to feature snaps, crotches, or other features that make diapers changing easier while the 2T clothes do not.


  • Height is 35-36.5 inches or 90-92 cm.
  • Weight is 28-31 pounds or 12.7-14 kg.

Generally, 2T size tends to be longer in length when compared with size 24M measurements for both bottoms and tops. For styles, even though not all 2T clothes look exactly like adult outfits, they will be more child-like than babyish. Besides that, clothes with a 2T label are a great choice if your child is learning how to walk. This also means that 2T clothes are slimmer than 24M clothes because they do not need the additional width for clawing.

Tips for Choosing Between 24M and 2T

  • Choose the size that fits your child in the next few months. Because kids tend to grow very quickly. So, if your child is currently at 18-24M size now, then we recommend choosing 2T clothes instead of 24M.
  • Your baby's movement. It is still a good idea to get some 24-months size clothes if your child hasn't learned how to walk yet.

The Main Differences

The Bottom Line

Overall, 24 months clothes are smaller to allow for easier crawling, more comfortable to wear with diapers, and may even have diaper straps. On the other hand, 2T clothes are larger in size, perfect for walking, and do not have diaper straps. Make sure you check out our size guide charts to make the right choice between 24 months vs 2T when buying clothes for your kids!