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0-6 Months

Introduce your baby to our amazing collection of eco-friendly infant toys for newborns up to 6 months old, including rattles, baby bath toys, plush toys, and more. Non-toxic and sustainable materials are safe on their delicate skin

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Best Toys For Infants 0-6 Months That Encourage Their Growth

A baby’s first year of life is filled with milestones. Every day in the first twelve months offers new opportunities for them to explore, grow and play. Thus, you need to equip the little adventures with the best equipment available for playtime. Some unique toys will do wonders in helping your baby develop their eyes and some motor skills early. 

It’s essential to pick your baby’s toys that fit their developmental stages. Safe, simple objects that encourage exploration and open-ended play will always be the top choice. With that in mind, BabyOutlet offers you an innovative collection of newborn toys for babies from 0 - 6 months. Our baby rattles and sensory toys are the perfect components for your little angel's crib, engaging their curiosity about the surrounding world with funky sounds and highly contrasting colors. Meanwhile, the squishy and cute grabbing toys will help your baby practice their fine and gross motor skills as they grip and roll them around the playground.

And what could be better to keep the little explorers happy and fun during tummy time than a set of playmats & play gym? Our playset features arches of cute animal plushies that your baby will love to cuddle. Are you having a little trouble putting your baby to bed? Then don’t miss out on our fantastic baby bouncers that provide a cozy, cocoon-like seat to cradle your little one while the gentle bouncing motion will soothe and lure them into a sound sleep.

We understand how crucial safety is for children’s toys. So BabyOutlet guarantees that our toys are crafted from safe and friendly materials with non-toxic paints. You can rest assured that your baby’s toys meet the safety standards so that your baby can have fun without being exposed to unwanted risks. And in case you want something traditional and organic for your baby, our wooden toys won’t let you down!

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