April 04, 2022 1 min read

24 Months

24 Months Baby Clothes

  • 24-months clothes are designed to be more generous around the bottom for diapers because under 2-year-old children will still likely wear them all the time.
  • 24M clothes are shorter in length when compared with 2T clothes.
  • The 24-month clothes are generally more baby-like in their style with bright colors, rainbows, and cute animals.
  • 24M clothes likely to feature snaps, crotches, or other features that make diapers changing easier while the 2T clothes do not.


2T Clothes

  • 2T size tends to be longer in length when compared with size 24M measurements for both bottoms and tops.
  • Clothes with a 2T label are a great choice if your child has already learned how to walk.
  • 2T clothes are slimmer than 24M clothes because they do not need the additional width for clawing.



    ●     Shorter in length for both tops and bottoms

    ●     Help your baby crawl easier without getting tangled up in the fabric

    ●     May include diaper snaps

    ●     Look babyish in style

    ●     Include slimmer sides

    ●     Include longer sleeves

    ●     Ideal for walking

    ●     Do not have diaper snaps

    ●     More like adult clothing